#SPCALLIN End With a Bang; Legions Hold on to Overall Championship

Rockers-on-duty: Vicente Maduay lll, Alexa Marie L. Paden

They have done it again!

The Men and Women in yellow have claimed the title as the overall champions of SPC Intramurals 2014 – 2015. The final day of this year’s intrams concluded with explosions of shouts and cheers, with several intermission numbers by the winners of the intramurals music and dance competitions.

As the champions rocked the stage, the crowd longed to hear the awaited results of this year’s intramurals. Along this, The Lab Sci Legions are proclaimed as Champions, with TheraPharm Knights coming in second, Angels at third closely followed by the Red Dragons. Raffle draws were made to reward those early birds who came in and scanned their I.D.’s early that morning. Lucky students were given prizes such as tickets to Vikings, Android Phones and an iPad Mini. The team heads also gave their messages to their teams and the student body, who were all proud of the valiant efforts that their respective teams put up.

Afterwards, SPCians rocked it out in a bass-filled party amidst smoke and bright lights. The Rave Party was a rousing success where SPCians got to dance their hearts out to their favorite songs.

Angels win over Legions in Sepak Takraw Game 5; Dragons win over Knights in Game 6

Angels win over Legions in Sepak Takraw Game 5; Dragons win over Knights in Game 6

Rocker-On-Duty: Vicente R. Maduay III

October 3, 2014: Blue men soars once again as they take the win for the Angels against Legions in Sepak Takraw Game 5. Back to back with the win of the red team Dragons against Knights in Game 6.

All of the teams displayed the speed and ball skills needed to win the game. Cheerers of the different teams continued to shine bright despite the gloomy weather.

Archangels now are twice to beat in the game. Semi-finals for the Sepak Takraw shall continue tomorrow; followed by the Finals.

Dragons prevailed against Legions in men’s volleyball game 6

Dragons prevailed against Legions in men’s volleyball game 6

Rocker-on-duty: Judy Andrea F. Palado

The GuilAss Red Dragons conquered men’s volleyball game 6 against the LabSci Legions as their spikes and blocks led their way to victory. Dragons swept the first set with 25-16 but the Legions deemed their momentum, surmounting the second set with 25-11.  In the final set, the match goes toe to toe yet the red team still maintained their feat.

Legions, were leading earlier on the third set but Dragons closed the lead and sustained it until the end with the final result of 25-19.


Alumni Mauls Varsity in Volleyball Exhibition

Alumni Mauls Varsity in Volleyball Exhibition

Rocker-on-Duty: Mynard E. Pontillo

Proving that experience prevails against youthful agility, the SPC Alumni thrashes the school’s varsity team in volleyball, 2-1. Clearly wanting to prove they still got the talent they used to have, the former standouts outclassed their successors in the SPC Open Court.

Despite losing the first set badly to the younger athletes, the alumni displayed an unmatchable fervor with blazing spikes and impressive teamwork to extend the game to a deciding set.

In the third set, the more experienced athletes cruised past the varsity when they finally hit game point against only 16 points from their contenders. A late surge from the varsity was put into trash when the alumni finished the game, 25-20.


Legions reign supreme in debate tilt


Legions reign supreme in debate tilt

Rocker-on-duty: Jennicel Jane Acosta


“SPC never fails to amaze us.”

Such were the words of the chair adjudicator, Christian Lloyd Espinoza, with his colleagues Albert Musico and Michael Angelo Baiño relating the epic-finale of this year’s Intramurals Debate Championship Competition between LabSci Legions and BSN-RT Archangels.

The battle boiled down to whose team impressed the adjudicators and whose team defended  their stance on the theoretical motion: this house would make convicted criminals experience how his/her victims was/ were damaged, assuming that a technology enables individuals to be sent to a virtual world like crazily advanced video games.

Archangels, the government side, pushed that convicted criminals should be sent to virtual world where individuals can experience whatever it was programmed by the computer as compensation for their crimes. However, Legions, the opposition side, countered that this program should be utilized as a pioneering technological advancement for other fields of human benefit, especially education.

The teams were judged for their contribution, responsiveness, consistency, role fulfillment, burden of proof and over-all matter.

For the final round, Prime Minister Angela Salangsang was awarded Best Debater while Deputy Leader of Opposition Dona Vel Lagurin was hailed the Best Speaker.

Over-all, Opposition Whip Jorjani Sinsuat claimed the Best Speaker award while Salangsang got the Best Debater award.

Legions emerged champions via unanimous decision, closely followed by Archangels, Knights and Dragons.

Adjudicators also commended the heart-griping performances of the debaters that was ‘worthy for a national tournament’.



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Rockers on duty: Roselle Marie R. Maduay and Irene Grace P. Jalandoni

Labsci Legions,  Guilass Red Dragons, Therapharm Knights, BSN-RT Archangels—all teams huddled to the SPC gym and filled the area for the basketball championship game of the men’s division between the Dragons and the Knights; a battle awaited by many.

The Guilass Red Dragons scored the first 3 points, however the Knights fought back. The two teams amidst all the arising tension and screams raced it out with their scores. The 1st quarter ended up with the scores of 18-9, and the 2nd quarter with scores of 34-30, both in favor of the Dragons.

Dragons were still leading during the 3rd quarter, with a score of 52 over the Knights who had a score of 42. The heated game consisted of injured players; one from the Knights and another from the Dragons during the 4th quarter. The atmosphere was intense in the gym when both teams had a tie with scores of 61. With only a few seconds left, the 62-63 scores in favor of the Dragons took a whole 360 degree turn, owing the win to the Dragons by only 1 point, 64-63.





Dragons, Legions prevail in women’s basketball

Rocker-on-Duty: Jennicel Jane Acosta

GuilAss Red Dragons roared their way to victory with a crippling 40-23 victory against the Therapharm Knights in game 5 of Women’s Basketball.

The LabSci Legions pulled off a similar feat as they took on the BSN-RT ArchAngels with a fiery 34-30 bout at the hardcourt in game 6.

The crowd sympathized with both teams for every missed basket; but they showed firm resolve and willpower to claim victory eliciting praise.

Dragons and Legions are to face each other for the next game.



Rocker on duty: Alyanna Tambuli

Therapharm Knights gave their best and beat Legions in women’s Volleyball game 6.

The heat of the weather matched the game as the both teams struggled to win the first set. Knights took the lead, but Legions persevered in their offence resulting to a deadlock at 21. However, the Knights volleyed their way to win the first set.

The “Hoo Ha’s” of the crowd urged the Legions to bounce back from their loss. Both teams exhibited steely determination in an exchange which ended up with a series of ties in the score sheets. In the end, Knights won the second set again, owning game 6 of Women’s Volleyball, giving them a slot for the Championship.

Knights and Legions will come face to face again for the Championship tomorrow.



Rocker on duty: Alyanna Tambuli

Angels overpowered Dragons in women’s Volleyball, game 5.

First set favoured the Angels (25-13). The dragons reignited with a 25-20 comeback winning them the second set. Both teams showed off in the volleyball grounds as they pulled off a spectacular exchange of offences and defences.  Halos and Fire clashed fearlessly ending the third set with a score of 25-19. In the end, Angels took the victory.